13 March 2009

Asteroid Aftermath Info & Walkthrough.

Asteroid Aftermath was written using ADRIFT as an entry in the Odd Competition. As proposed by Abbi Park, entries in the OddComp were tightly restricted, generally small games, which had to assign odd numbers from 3 to 11 onto the prime ontological components of the ADRIFT Generator-- rooms, objects, tasks, events, and characters. OddComp reviews can be found here.

Asteroid Aftermath was the only game with 11 characters. Its "characters" are satellites. It placed joint 9th of 9 places, tying with quantumsheep's Seance. Revgiblet gave it the "Most Technically Impressive" Award.

Asteroid Aftermath isn't so much a game as it is a single puzzle-- you have to reconfigure a switchboard by opening & closing valves. Normally, you'd have to open or close a valve and then move in a cardinal direction to check a camera, from which you would note the resulting satellite arrangements and whether or not particular satellites had been moved into or out of position. However, the walkthrough just concerns itself with the switchboard, which is solved as follows:

Open second valve. Open fifth valve. Open fourth valve. Open first valve. Close second valve. Open third valve.

…and that’s all there is to it!


  1. Solving this was like listening to all of Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music" record! Huzzah!

  2. And I don't say that as a negative.