13 March 2009

Gorxungula's Curse Info & Walkthrough

Gorxungula’s Curse was written using ADRIFT as an entry in the Odd Competition. As proposed by Abbi Park, entries in the OddComp were tightly restricted, generally small games, which had to assign odd numbers from 3 to 11 onto the prime ontological components of the ADRIFT Generator-- rooms, objects, tasks, events, and characters. OddComp reviews can be found here.

Gorxungula’s Curse placed 7th of 9 places in the Odd Competition. In order to cut down on the number of objects used for the game, it takes place in abstract space with rooms such as A New State of Being and Uncertain Toast. It was my favourite entry to write, although many (myself included) have expressed disappointment with the game’s ending.

The walkthrough is as follows:

Down. Down. Wait. West. Restart. Down. Down. X tub. Get tome. Up. East. Give tome to Clathering. West. Down. Put beverage in tub. Put coin in tub.

...and then the ending comes along to ruin your fun!

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