11 July 2009

My Favourite Spam Phrases Thus Far

Lately, the ADRIFT forum has been hit with a lot of ugly spam that no-one wants to read. I figured we might as well try to have fun with it while the problem is still around, so... without further ado, here are some of my favourite phrases I've picked out from the spam. Feel free to add your own... let's see what oddities we can pull out (I hope nobody gets any ideas for a Spam Comp)!

1) The Initial Prices and a Jampack abounding Search
I think that might have been one of the garage bands that popped up at my high school (actually, it would've had to be "Jampack abounding Search and the Initial Prices" because the star always comes first, followed by the). Come to think of it, just about anything a spammer says could make a good band name. I mean, check out the rest of these...

2) coupon bonefish
I don't know what you think of when you read "coupon bonefish," but I think of three possibilities. One is a coupon with a fish bone on it, possibly used at a fish market by a starving street cat. The second is a disparaging or dark-spirited poetic experiment attacking capitalism (not any specific one, but just the vague idea of one). And then I think of a desperate spammer trying to think up a few last words.

3) Language the Blustery Vertebrate of prey
Oho! Indeed, language is a blustery vertebrate of prey... a bird, even. It's like someone stuck Noam Chomsky and Alan Ginsberg in a blender.

4) Reading the Bare Vertebrate of prey
Really, this spammer had a lot to say about "vertebrates" and things "of prey." I liked the first bits about them, but they just got repetitious & stale after a while. Still, I suppose it was better than some of the other choice phrases about Airsoft guns and various diseases.

5) Godforsaken Raptorial craniate
It's forceful, but vague enough to be just about anything. Anything evil. With a cranium.

6) Chawbacon!
Word of the day. Good thing there's only like 10 minutes left in my day.

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  1. I knew a wookie called Chawbacon. Nice chap.