27 April 2011

New ADRIFT Forum, SPAG #60

ADRIFT has moved its forum to forum.adrift.co. I have not yet been able to log back onto the forum, but have requested a new password. I hope I shall soon be on and will offer my vote for The Challenge. My own entry has received no votes thus far, however it has always been my tradition to not vote for my own games when I am allowed to vote in competitions I've entered.

The 60th edition of The Society for the Promotion of Adventure Games came out! Find it here. The back of my head is prominently featured on the cover. Pirate's Plunder!++ also received a favourable review, which made me feel good. I have yet to dive into the rest of the issue, as there's work to be done, but I look forward to digging into it. It looks to be an incredible issue. The second editorial mentions, "Thinking ahead to our Summer 2011 coverage, we'd love reviews, interviews, analysis, and author's commentary for the Spring Thing 2011, German Grand Prix, The [ADRIFT] Challenge, and any other new or notable older releases."

Anyone think they might write something up for SPAG on The Challenge? Depending on the due date, I may find time to submit an author's commentary for Whitterscap's Key. Fellow authors and 'DRIFTers, what do you think? Will you contribute?

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