25 May 2011

Haiku Game

I played a game today that resulted in the creation of several haiku. It's a prototype, yet, by my friend Alexei. Six of us played altogether. We all created 7 haiku, except for James who left before the end of the game to catch one of the talks on campus. Everyone created some really neat work. I'm generally not much of a poet, but I thought I'd share mine here on my blog.

Each haiku is framed around a month, with particular tropes associated.

My first were two for January. January poems are about longing and desire. Pine trees and snow represent January.

Snow fallen on pines
Far away is my desire
Cross frozen rivers

... and...

Pine needles tremble
Snow lies heavy upon them
Children, sweep it off!

I wrote one for May. May poems are about indolence. The iris represents May.

My reflection in water
My gazing iris

I wrote one for June. June poems are about butterflies, which represent metamorphosis.

Petals in river
like butterflies flowing on
continue to change

And two for September. September poems are about debauchery.

Rounding the corner
Drunk, find the next Happy Hour
There's always Woodstock's!

(in reference to Woodstock's pizza in Santa Cruz)

Our hands together
Drink sake, more, another
L'Chaim, bitches!

And then there was this one wrote that I don't have a month written down for.

Campfire in your eyes
Promises linger, hidden
Our secret whispers

The whole game had a really interesting, contemplative aspect to it. The rules said it would end when "the meal is done" (we weren't eating), "when the moon rises in a particularly pleasing way" or "when someone gets 15 points." We ended up hitting the point limit first, but I liked the idea of the game having some sort of poetic ending to it.

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