21 May 2011

Seek and Enjoy by Backmasker

I just recently downloaded and played Seek and Enjoy by Backmasker (which is written by someone named Backmasker, if you didn't catch that). From the coding, it's obvious this author is still learning ADRIFT. Half of me feels like it should be confused by this game, but the other half knows that sometimes games are just bad. It's always a bad sign when the first prominently described objects in a room description are unimplemented. Many of the objects are "nothing special." Room descriptions disappear after you've been to a room for the first time, even in verbose mode.

The game's spelling is unfocused, but could potentially be laugh-worthy if you tried to >SWAT THE BEE (remember to leave that "the" in there or it won't work... also, never you mind that the bee is unimplemented). Right, then you get a message that you take a nearby newspaper and "twat the bee as hard as you can." That's some image.

There's this special message at the end of the game telling me about all the hidden messages in the audio and pictures throughout the game. From this I think there might have been something going on with the game, but I have no clue what.

Ugh, why am I even posting this? 0 stars.

Update: 22 May. This game has been removed from the ADRIFT Adventures page. Well, that was fast.
Unfortunately, I assume we'll never see its author again.

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