01 June 2011

A re-release & a curiosity

Just a short post. This small broadcast is to mention that I have re-released the virtual human as a .exe file using ADRIFT 5. It is available from the ADRIFT website, or you can click here. I will update the IFDB page in due time, including a likely re-write of the game's description and my own review (as the current review is based off the previous version's description coupled with a low sense of self-worth). The ADRIFT 5 version apparently only works if your computer has a .net framework, but I would be pleased to know if it runs on non-PC systems with equivalent whatnots. Pardon my technical jargon.

I have also been encouraged to mention a part of Yon Astounding Castle! of some sort which had originally only been intended to serve as a sort of testing shortcut while Tiberius wrote it: Chuck Norris Mode. It probably has been noticed by no-one but myself up until recently; it was never fully implemented beyond its ability to remove characters from the game by kicking them. Though messages are displayed for anything kicked, actually using this mode to destroy every static objects in the game would have required making a variable description for every object (a somewhat tedious process in ADRIFT, especially with such a large pool of objects), or else creating an event specifically for each static object that would move it to Hidden (static objects can only be moved using events in ADRIFT). At any rate, yes. When playing Yon Astounding Castle! of some sort, one need only type TOTAL KARATE ACTION to activate Chuck Norris Mode. Maybe it'll be worth a chuckle to you.

A third release of Yon Astounding Castle! of some sort should be forthcoming some time this summer. It features minor changes to the Post-Comp edition.

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