16 June 2011

Short update

"The Eater of Time" was rejected by MircoHorror as a pointless vignette, for reasons I'll attempt to dissect later. All I'll say for now is that their editor is right. Probably its sights need to be lowered from the aimless cosmos to hit a human head.

At the moment, I'm on vacation with Aaron. We went to Disneyland and now we're in Utah visiting with the Reedmeister's family. Tomorrow we head out for camping. Will see if I can get another story written on this trip. May also try sending something out to Bosley Gravel's Cavalcade of Terror, which looks like another good flash horror blog. Also, sent "A Ruined House" for reprinting at Death Head Grin, we'll see how that goes. Still waiting to hear back about Teiselwalk.

Will probably brush up "Mosquito-Things" a bit more-- as stories can always use brushing up-- before I roll a d6 and randomly assign it to one of these blogs.

This post also reminds me I need to organize my tags better. I'll get to it.

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