19 August 2011

Story a Week Update

I fell behind on my story a week commitment last week, unfortunately, which means it's the first I've missed since I started in July. I suppose I was quite busy writing reviews and things, instead, but I don't want to count that for writing because critical writing is a different sort of thing to get into the groove of than creative writing, and it's the latter groove I wish to maintain. I'm happy to announce that I have finished this week's story today, however, so I'm back on track. It is yet another horror story.

I've actually gotten a few requests for stories now, which is interesting. I don't know when or if I'll actually get around to them, but I'm intrigued by the concept. I've had a request for a sci-fi story, a superhero story, and a piece for a creative collection a friend wants to put together called "(You Can't Escape from) T. Rex Island." I've gotten some notes and possible outlines together for these things, but no drafts have yet materialized. I've been saying for some time it might be a nice change of pace to step away from horror for a bit, but it seems I'm always drawn back to it (like today). We'll see how that goes.

The major work I need to do now, I think, is in submitting these stories for publication wherever I can. Sigh. That can feel like such an unwieldy process sometimes. I assume it's because I haven't had enough practice in it yet.

For the curious, here's a list of the titles of stories I have written as weeklies thus far, more-or-less in chronological order:

^"The Pendant of Zeklin Kha"
_"Jabeld's Casket"
*"One Estate, As Left By Owners"
_"Pennies of Doom"
_"The Damned Cat"
_"A Graveyard's Shadow"

* - published
^ - received rejection
_ - unsubmitted

17 August 2011


I wanted to share a nightmare I've been having recently. This nightmare involves using some form of internet access-- be it phone, computer, or whatever-- and coming to an ad that has to play before I can actually get to the content. This seems to be the norm now for accessing some forms of web content, especially videos. In this nightmare, there is no "skip this ad now" button. Or there is, but it plays another ad. And when the ad finishes... it repeats or brings up another ad. When I finally get to the video, I need to pause or rewind... and so I have to sit through another ad. I can't even play through an album without being interrupted every few minutes by this mindless, pandering drivel.

But in the nightmare, it doesn't stop there. If it stopped there, that would be reality. In the nightmare, I try to stop accessing the video. But closing the tab brings up an ad. The browser's back button needs me to hear 30 seconds from Budweiser before it will function. I try to call someone for help, but the makers of Wheat Thins need to talk to me first. The ads take over, and they never stop. There is nothing else to watch, nothing else to see, nothing else to hear anywhere. I try to remember how we dealt with it before, but I can't access my own memories without first having to hear from its corporate sponsor. In this nightmare, commercials are our only content.

13 August 2011


Won't say much here, as what I've done is plainly visible at IFDB at the moment. In case this is the future and it is not, however: Reviews ported over from ADRIFT website (Give Me Your Lunch Money, Target, The Wheels Must Turn, Paint!!!). Also amended the page for the virtual human. Have not yet gotten to ADRIFT IntroComp 2009 or Lumin's work. Will.

In re-posting reviews from the ADRIFT website, I have changed my star rating for Target. This does not change the content of my review, which I stand by, but reflects 2 primary influences:
1) the smaller audience and scope of comparison of the ADRIFT website compared to IFDB.
2) I have a personal star rating system on IFDB whose qualitative meanings differ from those of star ratings on the ADRIFT website.

Still wondering about IFDB uploading etiquette. My additions have pushed two reviews and a new game listing off the immediate main page. The sort of "here today, gone tomorrow forever bwa ha ha ha!" nature of upload visibility on IFDB has always been a source of anxiety for me. Does anybody have any particularly strong feelings about this? Or maybe just some thoughts?

12 August 2011

New IFDB Uploads

Just a short notice: Ectocomp 2009 games have been uploaded to IFDB. Still to upload: ADRIFT Introcomp 2009. I've also noticed that Lumin has a profile page on IFDB with (now) just one game attributed to her. For as much IF as she's written, as many awards as she's won in the ADRIFT community, and seeing as how she's the only 'DRIFTer with a fan page on the Forum, that seems off-kilter somehow. I'll try to fix that soonish, as well.

Right-o. Uh, carry on then...

07 August 2011

Continuing the ADRIFTness

Continuing a discussion on the playing of interactive fiction at the ADRIFT Forum here. Mostly this is to poke the ADRIFT audience with a stick and see if they can be roused to playing games. ADRIFT tends to consider itself a community of "mostly authors," which should sound readily problematic to anyone who otherwise writes & plays IF.

I have also started a thread of Recommended ADRIFT Games, which has been supplemented by Richard Otter. Notably, his recommendations are all 2007 & earlier, while mine are all 2008 or later. I hope they form a complementary and reliable source, although I know there will likely be some gaps. For example, Marika the Offering is on neither list, even though it is highly recommendable. Hopefully the ADRIFT community can build on this so that we can have a more comprehensive and better curated list. I also hope it will spur reviews at adrift.co.

I have also added the ADRIFT 2010 SummerComp games to the main site. These games are already on IFDB-- several reviewed, though those reviews now need to be transplanted to the ADRIFT site in some way. Same goes for many games, like Yon Astounding Castle! of some sort, which have reviews on major IF sites like IFDB, but have received zero response from the ADRIFT community in particular. Campbell claims to be working on this, so.

As for the continuing IFDB flood: I have only added reviews for The Challenge for now. I see that Wade Clarke has posted a review for I Was a Teenage Headless Experiment, for which I am grateful. Mr. Clarke (horror aficionado & author of Leadlight) was one of the several official judges for ECTOCOMP 2010 who is not a regular member of the ADRIFT community, for which he is to be commended. We hope to have more like him drop by and give some ADRIFT games a look. I will attempt to upload the rest of the ECTOCOMP 2010 games tomorrow. Also, secret rumor time: an unverified voice whispers, "ECTOCOMP 2011 may be open to all platforms!"

Here's a run-down of what I have uploaded so far and still need to upload (as far as I know):

-Whitterscap's Key
-Suburban Prodigy

-I Was a Teenage Headless Experiment
-The Crooked Estate

-The Challenge
-@party competition 2011

-Mango (uploaded, but the download link for this is broken, needs fixing...)
-Delusions Again
-Yon Astounding Castle! of some sort (2nd post-comp version)
-ECTOCOMP 2010 games, including:

  1. Pete's Punkin Junkinator (DCBSupafly).
  2. Renegade Brainwave (J.J. Guest).
  3. Steve Van Helsing: Process Server (Mel S).
  4. The Vault (BlueMaxima).
  5. The Fly Human (Eric Anderson).
  6. All Hallows Eve (Alvin Echeverria).
  7. Tenebrae Semper (Seciden Mencarde)
-2009 ADRIFT IntroComp (competition page, including the following 11 games...)
  1. Apokalupsis (James Webb as "revgiblet").
  2. Dung Beetles Are Aliens! (Duncan Bowsman).
  3. The Magician’s Niece (Hensman Int'l).
  4. Through time (Finn Rosenløv).
  5. Existence (Abbi Park).
  6. To End All Wars (Duncan Bowsman).
  7. Donuts (The Dominant Species as "Mr. TDS").
  8. Dish Duty (Duncan Bowsman).
  9. Dead Race (Justahack).
  10. The Merlin Bird of Prey (Mark Sarul).

I admit to some surprise at seeing so little documentation of the PAX Speed-IF games on IFDB. I may also wish to create pages for those, but that's not in the immediate pipeline. I've found uploading lots of stuff and keeping the conversation going to be pretty time-consuming, but rewarding thus far. Let's hope the former reduces and the latter remains.

So, looking at about 21 more pages to create, then reviews. Might as well look at starting a thread on intfiction.org, too, but do feel free to join at the ADRIFT Forum or by posting a review on the ADRIFT Adventures page.


05 August 2011

IFDB Flood

Just a post to apologize for turning IFDB into The Duncan Show/ADRIFT Mania, but I've got a lot of stuff I need to upload to it. Hopefully this will all be cleared up relatively soon, and you can be returned to your regularly scheduled IF programming.