17 August 2011


I wanted to share a nightmare I've been having recently. This nightmare involves using some form of internet access-- be it phone, computer, or whatever-- and coming to an ad that has to play before I can actually get to the content. This seems to be the norm now for accessing some forms of web content, especially videos. In this nightmare, there is no "skip this ad now" button. Or there is, but it plays another ad. And when the ad finishes... it repeats or brings up another ad. When I finally get to the video, I need to pause or rewind... and so I have to sit through another ad. I can't even play through an album without being interrupted every few minutes by this mindless, pandering drivel.

But in the nightmare, it doesn't stop there. If it stopped there, that would be reality. In the nightmare, I try to stop accessing the video. But closing the tab brings up an ad. The browser's back button needs me to hear 30 seconds from Budweiser before it will function. I try to call someone for help, but the makers of Wheat Thins need to talk to me first. The ads take over, and they never stop. There is nothing else to watch, nothing else to see, nothing else to hear anywhere. I try to remember how we dealt with it before, but I can't access my own memories without first having to hear from its corporate sponsor. In this nightmare, commercials are our only content.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you're trying to get a message out that other people keep interrupting with their own "content" or with what they want you to do, something you have to "buy into" before you can get to do your thing. Keep at it, man.