13 August 2011


Won't say much here, as what I've done is plainly visible at IFDB at the moment. In case this is the future and it is not, however: Reviews ported over from ADRIFT website (Give Me Your Lunch Money, Target, The Wheels Must Turn, Paint!!!). Also amended the page for the virtual human. Have not yet gotten to ADRIFT IntroComp 2009 or Lumin's work. Will.

In re-posting reviews from the ADRIFT website, I have changed my star rating for Target. This does not change the content of my review, which I stand by, but reflects 2 primary influences:
1) the smaller audience and scope of comparison of the ADRIFT website compared to IFDB.
2) I have a personal star rating system on IFDB whose qualitative meanings differ from those of star ratings on the ADRIFT website.

Still wondering about IFDB uploading etiquette. My additions have pushed two reviews and a new game listing off the immediate main page. The sort of "here today, gone tomorrow forever bwa ha ha ha!" nature of upload visibility on IFDB has always been a source of anxiety for me. Does anybody have any particularly strong feelings about this? Or maybe just some thoughts?


  1. "This news update is coming late, but its release also marked the first game written with ADRIFT 5 to be released into the wild."

    I thought the Adrift 5 version of Jacaranda Jim had that honour.

  2. I like a little churn on the IFDB front page. It gets depressing seeing the same things day after day. Those reviews and listings were visible for a couple of days, anyway.

  3. In fact, the ADRIFT website verifies that the ADRIFT 5 version of the virtual human came out about a month-and-a-half before the re-release of Jacaranda Jim. This is the problem of sending the news out late, unfortunately, but... so it goes.

    At any rate, nobody has yet released a complete *original* work in ADRIFT 5. The only works completed with it are remakes (the virtual human, Jacaranda Jim, and Adventure). I'm certain someone will swoop in to take that honor eventually-- possibly even this year. It's just not likely to be me.

  4. Ah, ok. I just check the "adventures" page. ;)