19 August 2011

Story a Week Update

I fell behind on my story a week commitment last week, unfortunately, which means it's the first I've missed since I started in July. I suppose I was quite busy writing reviews and things, instead, but I don't want to count that for writing because critical writing is a different sort of thing to get into the groove of than creative writing, and it's the latter groove I wish to maintain. I'm happy to announce that I have finished this week's story today, however, so I'm back on track. It is yet another horror story.

I've actually gotten a few requests for stories now, which is interesting. I don't know when or if I'll actually get around to them, but I'm intrigued by the concept. I've had a request for a sci-fi story, a superhero story, and a piece for a creative collection a friend wants to put together called "(You Can't Escape from) T. Rex Island." I've gotten some notes and possible outlines together for these things, but no drafts have yet materialized. I've been saying for some time it might be a nice change of pace to step away from horror for a bit, but it seems I'm always drawn back to it (like today). We'll see how that goes.

The major work I need to do now, I think, is in submitting these stories for publication wherever I can. Sigh. That can feel like such an unwieldy process sometimes. I assume it's because I haven't had enough practice in it yet.

For the curious, here's a list of the titles of stories I have written as weeklies thus far, more-or-less in chronological order:

^"The Pendant of Zeklin Kha"
_"Jabeld's Casket"
*"One Estate, As Left By Owners"
_"Pennies of Doom"
_"The Damned Cat"
_"A Graveyard's Shadow"

* - published
^ - received rejection
_ - unsubmitted

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