09 September 2011

Back from Burning Man, Update on Stories

Still adjusting to being back in default world after my first time at Burning Man. So many new friends. What an amazing time. I hope to return the following year.

Did not end up writing a story while at Burning Man, meaning I've missed 1 story for the month of September already, but I intend to keep at it. I do not regret not writing at that event. I would have missed a lot of awesome shit if I did. Frankly, I found the environment too overstimulating to stop and capture things in text for any length of time. The experience was the quintessential "You had to be there." Maybe I'll try harder at describing it later.

Otherwise, my most recent story is "Laserman Vs. Dash Dervish and the Tornado Machine." I have no idea where I can get superhero flash fiction of this sort published, and even suspect that to anyone familiar with comics (in a way I am not), this story is probably fairly trite. Not to mention that after Burning Man, I'm tending to question its founding premise, "lasers > flamethrowers." I've seen so many lasers now. So many flamethrowers. But I suppose it still works for this particular story's cat-based solution. Perhaps I might just bypass other means of publication and post this story on my blog.

Before leaving for the Nevadan desert, I sent a slew of stories out to presses. I have heard back from almost all of them, resulting in 2 rejections (one for use of 2nd person, one for a publication no longer being active) and one publication. "The Pendant of Zeklin Kha" was published at Flashes in the Dark. Please check it out here and comment. I am still awaiting a response to "The Damned Cat" from Bosley Gravel's Cavalcade of Terror, and recently sent a copy of "Jabeld's Casket" to Bete Noir Magazine (which I assume will be rejected, but nice practice anyway).

So, stories are currently looking like this:

* "The Pendant of Zeklin Kha"
* "One Estate, As Left By Owners"
*& "A Ruined House"
+ "The Damned Cat"
^+ "Jabeld's Casket"
^ "A Graveyard's Shadow"
^ "Mosquito-Things"
^ "Teiselwalk's Bridge"
_ "Laserman Vs. Dash Dervish and the Tornado Machine"
_ "Pennies of Doom"

* = published
& = reprinted
+ = pending response
^ = rejection
_ = unsubmitted

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