02 August 2012

WTF, Online News Source?

Thanks for putting a video with this article, Online News Source.  That's mighty convenient.  From the size of the scrollbar, this looks like a longish article and this video will save me time.

You want me to watch an ad first?  Sucky, but okay.  Fine.  I'll sit through it.  Hopefully there's not a second one.  Hopefully the video won't repeat.  Hopefully it'll be shorter than this video you thought was so important you would put it before the article.  Hopefully it'll be a different-- no?  Okay, fine, I'll watch this one commercial again, just get to the content.

Oh.  Oh, Online News Source.  We have some problems here.  The commercial that interrupted was, like, twice as long as the actual news segment.  Also, the segment didn't tell me anything.  It was barely even on the same topic as the article.  This whole thing was just a tangent.  I could've been halfway done with this article by now!  Not to mention your advertiser's banner in the corner is censoring your content!

If all of this wasn't enough, your videos keep playing when I'm finished with them.  The end of the video doesn't give me an opportunity to pause, nor can I pause the ad that will continue to play.  I have to mute my computer and try to just hurry and read the article before you assault me with more nonsense.

Why, Online News Source, why!?

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