14 July 2013

Unintentional Acts of Lexicomancy

Sometimes I blurt aloud words out that don't mean anything. This often happens in cases of frustration or twitterpation of some kind, or else in idle, nervous mumblings. They are rather like the way that my brain perhaps perceives what a curse word must sound like or feel like without actually resorting to preformed or agreed upon words for such a cause.

I decided last week to keep a running log of the nonsense words I muttered, and roughly of the circumstances surrounding them. I present them here as a record and for the potential amusement of any who might want to see them.

Swiddle. Sunday, 7 July, walking home from work, muttered while reflecting on a failed conversation with a housemate.

Brind. Monday, 8 July, while at work, checking in books for the library. No immediately obvious reason for this utterance other than bland, repetitive toil.
Flibbit. Tuesday, 9 July, getting ready for work, on realizing I had to hurry.
Fazwid. Tuesday, 9 July, while making a phone call and put on hold.
Frab, sindal, fribbage. Tuesday, 9 July, said in short succession as a single phrase upon the thought of forcefully throwing a hat.
Frabble. Wednesday, 10 July, walking home after printing a resume at night, thinking about the Lily Ledbetter Act and how easy and common sensical it should be to write and pass a one-sentence law stating, "Women shall be paid equally for equal work."

1 comment:

  1. I always perform lexicomancy. We must be twins. Oh wait, we are/ Although my words are usually invented when I'm convinced no one will help me around the apartment...when words fail, rhetoric!